About us


For many generations “Kaashandel ‘t Voorhuys” has been the unique specialty store in the city of Brielle for cheese, cold meats, delicacies and wine, while “boerenkaasonline”, Dutch for farmer’s cheese online, was setup in 2015 as an online initiative for delivering truly unique Dutch farmer’s cheese to customers at home and abroad.

Times change

Now that even our local customers want to order online and our traditional online customers simultaneously request a more extensive range, there was a need for innovation. Therefore, in April 2017, it was decided to modernize the existing web shop and to expand it with more local range so that our customers can now order our products 24/7 from our website, locally and further away. Obviously, “Kaashandel ‘t Voorhuys” remains the figurehead.

We are glad to assist you in our shop in Brielle, or online.

Kirsten van Jole


Special note: Dutch is of course our mother tongue. We have chosen to present the cheese for our English speaking clients under their Dutch name. At the same time the description of the cheese and also all the characteristics of the cheese are translated into English language. Do you see a translation error? Let us know, then we will adjust it. Thank you.