Delivering cheese abroad

Sending cheese around the world

The website of cheese trade ‘t Voorhuys makes it possible to have your order delivered all over the world. In connection with the shelf life, we only send hard (Dutch) cheese to other countries. The cheese is then vacuum packed and it is no problem when it is on the road for a while. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via

In Europe, your cheese is sent via Post NL and the partners of PostNL, DHL or DPD. This also applies to the other countries of the world. The delivery time of cheese to other countries varies from 2 days for sending to Germany to 25 days for sending to for example Nepal. It may happen that orders abroad are longer than expected. We therefore advise you to order in time. Kaashandel ‘t Voorhuys is not responsible or liable for damage that occurs because orders are not delivered or not delivered on time.

Delivery costs within the EU

Delivery rates (in euros including VAT) in Europe. If you enter a valid VAT number, no VAT will be charged.

Country Order amount < €175,-             Order amount >€175,-    
 Belgium  € 10,00  Free
 Denmark  € 16,00 Free
 Germany  €   8,50 Free
 France  € 16,00 Free
Great-Britain  € 16,00 Free
 Ireland  € 17,50 Free
 Italy  € 17,50 Free
 Austra  € 21,50 Free
 Spain  € 21,50 Free
Czech Republic  € 21,50 Free
 Sweden  € 17,50 Free

Gemiddelde levertijd in de EU

Country Average delivery time in days
 Belgium  1 day
 Denmark  2 – 3 days
 Germany  2 days
 France  2-3 days
 Great-Britain  2-3 days
 Ireland  3-4 days
 Italy  3-5 days
 Austria  3 – 4 days
 Spain  3 – 5 days
Czech Republic  3 – 5 days
 Sweden  2 – 4 days

Note: this delivery time is an indication, no rights can be derived from this.

Send cheese to other countries of the world

Your order will be sent via PostNL (and partners), DPD or DHL. The average delivery time is 15 days. Because of the shelf life, only hard cheese is sent worldwide. The delivery costs depend on the destination.

Preferably send a whole cheese

If you want to send cheese to a distant destination, it is best to choose to buy and send an entire cheese. A whole cheese weighs about 15 kg, depending on the type you choose. A whole cheese can be a great business gift for companies with customers abroad.